Saturday, November 1, 2014

This is Halloween

This October we definitely made the most of Halloween. We decorated cupcakes and cookies. We made mummies with twinkles. Painted Hallowing signs. Painted and craved pumpkins. We also went to a pumpkin patch every weekend. And of course trick or treating, and scary movies.

 Mika's TrailBlazers Pumpkin

 Watching the pumpkin drop

One of my favorite things about Halloween is having a theme for our costumes and making the family all coordinate. This year we did a circus theme. And I am really, really, really happy with and so proud of how they turned out.

I made almost everything for the girl's costumes. Ellie's leotard and leggings were both purchased. And everything else I made! We had some issues with Millie's costume. I wanted to make it big, so the girls can use it for a dress up for years to come. Only I went way over board with it, so much so that it was originally too big even for Ellie and I could even fit into it! I took it in, so that it can be taken back out and be enjoyed for many years.

Mine and Mika's costumes were much simpler than the girls. I found my red blazer at DI and then just went a little crazy with the glitter and fabric glue. (It shed sooo much glitter.) I also found Mika's vest at DI. Then I made his popcorn hat and tray with a Krispy Kreme hat and box.

I really love how it all turned out! I am going to be sad when my girls get big enough that they don't want to do a family theme anymore.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Fun

Saturday evening we met up with some friends, Chris and Molly and their little girls, at Hee Haw Farms. It was already getting dark when we got there, so most the pictures I got, aren't the best. We all had a lot of fun, and it definitely wore out all the little girls. 

 Waiting for the hay/tractor ride

 In the corn maze

 Feeding the goats

Afterwards, everyone came back to our house. We put all the little girls down for bed, and then stayed up way too late watching scary movies. It was a fun night.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Amelia's birthday celebration

On the Sunday after Amelia's birthday, we had a party with our family & friends to celebrate. Since our house is too tiny to fit everyone in, my parents were kind enough to let us have the party at their place.


Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July

We started off our 4th of July by getting up extra early and hiking the Y. We wanted to get up there early so we could have an awesome view of the hot air balloons. Both the girls hiked really well. Ellie hiked the whole time and Millie walked as much as we would let her. (She was too slow to not have in the baby backpack.)

After the hot air balloons, we went home and took naps.

Then we headed to my Uncle Eric's house for a pool party & BBQ.

Wagon Train

After that we head to my Uncle Alan's house for dessert, games, and fireworks. They live pretty close to the Stadium, so we have a great view of the fireworks. 

 Amanda and Ellie had more fun playing with the glow sticks than watching the fireworks.

My Uncle has a waterfall fountain that Millie is always climbing on and playing in.

We ran to the car the second the fireworks were over to beat the traffic. Luckily we made it home without too much delay. Both the girls fell asleep, which is always nice.